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Children, Food and Nutrition: State of the World's Children 2019

Food is a point of pride in Malaysia. We boast having the best cuisine the world over. Even love as an expression is best shown through the iconic greeting, " Sudah makan?" (have you eaten?). Yet, despite this pride in food culture - there are children in Malaysia who are still not getting the nutrition they need.

Malaysia’s childhood stunting shock: Rates higher than Palestine and several African countries – new report

The report, titled Stunting in Malaysia: Costs, Causes, and Courses for Action ​, was compiled by the Jeffrey Cheah Institute (JCI) on Southeast Asia (Sunway University’s independent public policy think tank) and the Jeffrey Sachs Centre (JSC) on Sustainable Development.

Poor nutrition causes child stunting | New Straits Times

THE Jeffrey Cheah Institute on Southeast Asia and the Jeffrey Sachs Centre on Sustainable Development, in their latest publication Stunting in Malaysia: Costs, Causes and Courses for Action, has called on the government to make childhood stunting a national priority and to have policies to tackle the underlying causes.

Stunting in children still a problem in Malaysia

According to the National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS), the prevalence of stunting in children under five years of age in Malaysia has increased from 17.2% (2006) to 20.7% (2016). These numbers show that stunting remains a public health concern, with one in five children under the age of five suffering from this condition in Malaysia.

Why are Malaysian kids short on micronutrients despite having enough to eat?

MALAYSIA is not facing a food security crisis but what we do have is a nutritional crisis. According to "The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2019" report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the prevalence of stunting among children under five years of age in Malaysia in 2018 was 20.7%, higher than in Ghana, which came in at 18.8%, Sri Lanka (17.3%) and Thailand (10.5%).

JCI-JSC-WP-2019-01: Stunting in Malaysia: Costs, Causes and Courses for Action

Childhood stunting has recently garnered public attention in Malaysia, but there remains a general lack of understanding surrounding the issue. Policymakers and the general public have mostly focused on the immediate causes of stunting, particularly on inadequate dietary intake, but have not paid as much attention to the underlying determinants of stunting.

Masalah Tumbesaran - PORTAL MyHEALTH

Masalah tumbesaran bermaksud bayi, kanak-kanak dan remaja membesar dengan tidak normal, dan ini menyebabkan mereka tidak dapat mencapai potensi tumbesaran mereka yang sebenar. Ibu bapa membawa anak mereka berjumpa dengan doktor kerana anak mereka lebih kecil atau pendek daripada rakan-rakan sebaya. Tumbesaran kanak-kanak merupakan indikator utama yang menunjukkan status kesihatan dan kehidupan mereka.